How It Works

1. Purchase 3 immi ramen packets at your local Whole Foods.

2. Text us a photo of your receipt.

3. We'll reimburse you 1 packet free within 24 hours via Venmo or Paypal. No limit!

Ramen Reimagined

High Protein: 22g of protein to help keep you full for hours.

Low Calories: Only 300 calories to help you hit your fitness goals without sacrificing on flavor.

Low Carb: Only 5g of net carbs to help you stay lean and maintain metabolic health.

100% Plant Based: All natural, non GMO, plant-based ingredients.

Delicious: Drool-worthy, umami, comforting, and rich flavors.

Convenient: Prepare in under 7 minutes to fit your busy schedule.

"immi is my go to meal when I'm craving delicious ramen that makes me feel great."

Naomi Osaka

4x Grand Slam Champion, TIME 100, immi Investor

"Instant ramen is a beloved pantry staple from my childhood and I've loved eating immi's healthier, plant-based ramen with my family."


8x Grammy Award Winning R&B Artist, immi Investor

"I've eaten a LOTTTTT of ramen in my life and immi is amazing!!! Even chefs need an easy go to meal and immi tastes so good. I'm so happy to have immi in my home."

Sami Udell

Private Chef for Jonas Brothers, Priyanka Chopra, etc.