Our Story

immi cofounders

Hey! We're Kevin and Kevin, co-founders of immi.

We've been close friends, ex co-workers, and ex roommates for the past 8 years. 

Both of us come from long family histories in the food industry and connections with Asian food. Our families run produce farms in Taiwan, operate Asian distributors and supermarkets, and sell hawker stall noodles in Thailand.

Our childhoods involved running around night markets and the aisles of supermarkets experiencing every sight, smell, and taste imaginable: from red bean taiyaki, mango shaved snow, to marble ramune soda.

We never forgot the fun and thrill of experiencing new foods for the first time while mixing and matching flavors on our plates to create taste explosions. 

As we grew older, we began to learn more about nutrition and saw the impact that unhealthy foods have had on our families as they suffered through chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and stomach cancer.

To prevent contracting the same hereditary health conditions that our families faced, we were forced to change our lifestyles and began using macro calculators and notebooks to track calories after every meal. 

Food became a chore and the magic around food began to fade.

One day, we sat around our dining table lamenting at how much we missed eating instant ramen, a nostalgic childhood food that was the first food we learned how to cook ourselves when our parents weren’t home. 

The only problem? It’s terrible for you. All of the current brands are filled with the same deep-fried empty carbs, insane amounts of sodium, and complete lack of nutritional value.

We didn’t want to give up the ramen we grew up eating as kids. So we worked in our kitchens for over a year to make the first truly-better-for-you ramen that’s low carb, high protein, entirely plant-based and just as delicious as you remember.

We’re here to remind you that you can have fun eating the foods you love AND feel great.

Grab a bowl - welcome to immi.